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ABLOY® Protec
Europrofile DIN cylinders
ABLOY® PROTEC is the culmination of 90 years of world-leading development of the rotating disc cylinder.

Excellent security features
The lock can always be opened with key from outside even if a key remains inside.

Extension piece system
The modular extension piece system enables the easy adjustment of the cylinder length even during the installation.
Cylinder length is adjustable in 5 mm increments from 35 to 80 mm and in 10 mm increments until 130 mm.

Cam positions
Easily exchangeable cams enable eight possible cam positions to allow different lock case functions.

All the superior advantages of ABLOY® PROTEC key system included
widely patented 2R cylinder and key system: key cuts on   two radii
proven wear resistance
convenient reversible key
wide range of products that can be keyed into the same   masterkey systems using one key profile
extreme picking resistance
unique DBS (disc blocking system)



ABLOY Cylinders (PDF 1.2MB)

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